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The work I do fuses the metaphysical properties of crystals with the healing support of essential oils. I have always, always, always been drawn to rocks, gems, and crystals. This memory of loving these creations from the earth goes back as far as I can possibly remember. Some of my favorite childhood memories are those that involve going to Clear Lake, CA and walking around the lake to find obsidian. I was always so mystified by this beautiful, shiny black gift from the earth.

Fast forward several years and my friend introduces me to essential oils. My love for essential oils did not blossom as quickly as my love for crystals, for my love of crystals always seemed to exist within me. She would tell me about these oils and I wasn't really drawn to them. Then I had my first child and he was constantly getting sick. I tried many different things and yet, he kept getting sick. So I turned to my friend and asked her about these oils she had been talking to me about. I told her I was finally up to trying them. The first oil I tried supported my babe's immune system in ways that other things I had tried did not. This experience had me hooked. I began buying books to research these oils and buying whatever oils that I thought would best support my little family's life. Slowly, I began telling other about these oils and making blends for them too.

Eventually, I began making blends that fused my two passions - crystals and essential oils. Several people noticed great benefits from the blends I would make them and encouraged me to share my talent with others. My friend help me to name my shop (shout out to LT), but other than that, all the research and work is my own. I am hand label, bottle, and produce everything in my shop.


I am here to support you in your experiences with crystals and essential oils. I know you will love the experiences and support they bring you as much as I do.




land + love founder and proprietor

Meet the founder + proprietor


Erin holds her Master's degree in Education. She is a 3rd generation San Franciscan, mama to two beautiful babes, Special Education Teacher at a public school in California, budding author, constant seeker of knowledge, and lover of all things connected to spirit and mama Earth. Erin founded land + love in June 2018.

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land + love products are made with goodness from the land plus love from me, Erin Haley, in South San Francisco, CA

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