Our Crystals 

All of our crystals are ethically sourced, natural, & sustainable. Each is chosen for it's ability to enhance the properties of the essential oils in

our blends. 


Stone of "spirituality and contentment;" connects to the throat and heart chakras; calming; balances energies; encourages and supports sobriety; historically used to support disorders of the nervous system, digestive tract, stomach, heart, skin, sleep, head tension, and arthritis; vibrates to the number 3


Connects to the heart chakra; balances masculine/feminine energy; enhances creativity; amplifies leadership and decision making; historically used to support disorders of the heart, lungs, adrenal glands, and muscular systems; vibrates to the number 3


Stone of health; stimulates Kundalini; stimulates base and brow chakras; purifies, cleanses, and regenerates energy; historically used to support disorders of the blood, heart, lungs, and cellular structure; vibrates to the number 2


Supports communication; encourages expression; facilitates awareness; assists in bringing patience and propelling towards goals; historically used to support pain, stress, and anger; vibrates to the number 2


Aides in personal communication and gaining insight into one's actions; helps propel towards personal growth; historically used by shaman for protection; induces health and re-birth after difficult times; connects to solar plexus chakras; aides dreaming; vibrates to the number 6


Believed to exist before "time was born" and represents the night sky; connected to throat and brow chakras; provides insight into dreams; regenerative; historically used to support disorders of the throat, immune system, sleep, and dizziness; vibrates to the number 3


Info coming soon


Energy connects to each of the chakras; supports clearing, maintaining, and stimulating; may attract inspiration, bring balance, and guide the conscious; may aid in visualizing and actualizing one's higher self; ritualistically used in ancient times by shamans, healers, and tribal elders; vibrates to the number 8

This information is for entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any diseases or concerns.

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land + love products are made with goodness from the land plus love from me, Erin Haley, in South San Francisco, CA

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